14 Aug 2009

Work in Progress

Saturday 7th October 2023 was another marvellous day for walling. Ideal temperature with some equally ideal participants who tackled a tricky piece of wall with great aplomb. They were all excellent company and the waller of the day was Oliver Pitt,the youngest member of the group who took to walling like the proverbial duck to water!

The group were a treat and they completed around 9 metres of wall and produced another fine legacy on the landscape.

The 2024 Walling Course dates are now published on the Walling page.

Sunday April 28th 2024 and our lambing is done for another year. The lambing process has been the best we have ever had in the last 14 years. The last lamb was a beautiful single ewe lamb to her beltex cross mother. However,the cold weather in April has killed some of our early crop.